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Soft landscaping of a new or existing garden is often the most exciting part! The design of a garden takes just as much expertise as hard landscaping of the project. Trees planted in the wrong position or incorrectly managed can be an irritation or can cause structural damage to walls, sewers and even your property. An incorrectly laid lawn or incorrectly positioned plants will never stand a chance of establishing themselves and will probably need replacing.

Soft Landscaping Rockery PlantingOur horticulture services cover all plant types and shrubbery and include weed control, flower beds, trimming and planting. As such we can offer expert advice and management of your soft landscaping in order to create your dream garden.

Examples of soft landscaping we carry out are:-

  • Establishing beds and borders
  • Improving soil (Topsoil)
  • Laying turf or improving turf
  • Choosing, planting or moving trees
  • Choosing, planting or moving shrubs
  • Planting and maintaining hedges
  • Creating planting themes
  • Pruning
  • Container planting
  • Creating a vegetable plot
  • Outdoor lighting

Our services are highly recommended and we cover all aspects of soft landscaping services. Available at competitive rates, why look anywhere else.

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping

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Landscaping Portfolio

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